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CIS Returns

Thorough CIS Returns in Orpington, Kent

In accordance with the Construction Industry Scheme, accurate reporting and management of CIS deductions is an essential concern for both contractors and subcontractors. At Blueband Accountancy, in Orpington, Kent, we specialise in providing CIS returns and ensuring that you are deducting or suffering the correct amount of CIS. Relevant to both contractors and subcontractors, we work on ascertaining the effects of CIS deducted/suffered on your personal or corporate tax liability.

Reclaiming CIS Payment

Subcontractors typically reclaim CIS deducted at the end of each year. Where possible, we work towards laterally offsetting your CIS deductions against tax liabilities. When managed correctly, certain deductions can be used to counteract specific tax liabilities. 

As certain movements are allowed and others aren’t, we make sure that any lateral offsets are carried out in accordance with the HMRC’s rules and regulations and are on hand to offer advice whenever needed.

Verifying Sub Contractors

As CIS plays into the picture of your overall earnings, our dedicated accountants are exceptionally handy. Each subcontractor has their own CIS taxation rate and therefore needs be individually verified.

We’re available to confirm each subcontractors, assign the correct CIS rates, and ensure youtax returns accurately show the relevant information. 

Working with Regulations

Though a collection of advice and support, we ensure that you’re working within the industry regulations. We guide you through the maze of standards imposed, helping you to minimise your compliance costs while building a successful future. Our team of professional accountants can also help you both manage and keep you informed of:

• Appropriate Funding
• Project Planning
• Cash Flow Planning 
• Payroll Services