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Help With Payroll Services in Orpington, Kent

Whether you’re already running a payroll, or are considering administering one, our team at Blueband Accountancy, in Orpington, Kent, is here to help you. Come speak to us to find out whether you’re legally obliged to run a payroll,  or whether administering one could be used to provide a more tax-efficient vehicle through which to withdraw funds. Whatever the objective, we’re here to ensure that your payroll is administered correctly and efficiently, with accurate RTI reporting.

Concentrate on Your Business

As administrating a payroll can easily become an increasingly arduous task for many businesses, our team of professionals is on hand, offering a collection of payroll services to save you the unnecessary hassle. This process can be exceptionally important when you are just starting up your business and your attentions are rightly focused on building your business. Taking time and resources away from core business functions to organise and implement a payroll is a job that often gets pushed to the bottom of the list. However, thanks to our specialist services, you’ll be able to outsource these duties to a team of payroll professionals. Not only are we are able to easily separate it from your other accounting activities, we can also ensure that your payroll is being used to maximum efficiency. 

Confidential and Cost Effective

Offering a completely confidential service, we work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible support and advice. Our cost-effective services include:

• Starters and Leavers
• Code Number Changes
• Customised and Generic Payslips
• Taxable Benefits and P11Ds
• Company, Personal, and Stakeholder Pension Schemes
• Student Loan Repayments
• Statuatory pay including SMP, SPP, SSP, and SAP
• Child Maintenance & other deductions
• Give as You Earn
• Pay in Lieu of Notice Redundancy
• Advice on Tax and NIC Payable
• Processing Payments Through BACS
• Dealing with Employee Enquiries
• Standard Payroll Reports
• Production of Year-End P60s
• Preparation and Electronic Filing of Forms P14 & P35

Auto-Enrolment Pension Plans

Based upon new regulations, being enrolled onto a pension plan is now a legal requirement for a company with employees. Simply arrange a consultation with one of our welcoming advisers to discover which employees need to be part of a scheme and how to opt out, if eligible. As per your needs, we’re available to help you opt in or out of a plan where possible.