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Specialist Accounting Services

Specialist Accounting Services in Orpington, Kent

As an individual or a business, make sure you benefit from the full support of the specialist team of accountants here at Blueband Accountancy, in Orpington, Kent. Get off on the right foot with the help of our highly skilled advisors and use their experience in niche services to ensure that your specific requirements are catered to. We’re here to help, whether it be VAT returnsCIS ReturnsPayroll services or even special reliefs available to certain self-employed individuals (e.g. Childminder benefits or Qualifying Care Relief (QCR), available to eligible carers/foster carers).

Construction Industry Scheme

Relevant to subcontractors and contractors, ensure CIS deductions/sufferages are carried out correctly.

If you’ve suffered CIS and are eligible for a rebate, make sure that any overpaid tax is reclaimed quickly and correctly, or is offset laterally in the most efficient manner.

• CIS rebates
• Verification of subcontractors
• Assignation of the appropriate CIS stoppage rates
• Establishing and improving your relationship with the HMRC

Payroll Services

Whether you’re legally obliged to run a payroll, or are interested in doing so for other reasons, our team is on hand to ensure that your service is utilised and managed as efficiently as possible. By removing the hassle of real-time submission of information to the HMRC using proprietary software, and without the stress of managing the complexities of your payroll, you can rest assured that Certax Bromley is by your side, managing your payroll and its effects on your accounts, whilst allowing you to focus on your business.