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VAT Returns

Experts in VAT Returns in Orpington, Kent

Complying with tax regulations is often a tricky subject to get your head around. At Blueband Accountancy, in Orpington, Kent, we have a team of qualified consultants that specialise in VAT returns and planning services. With a VATable turnover of over £85,000, you are obliged to be VAT registered however, you can also voluntarily register for VAT at a lower level of turnover. So whether or not you’re already VAT registered, come speak to us to discuss how VAT can add value to your business rather than being yet another onerous tax.

Understanding Tax

Value-added tax is a complex and onerous regime, which is imposed on businesses. Due to the difficulty of fully understanding the process, many individuals and companies inadvertently overpay or underpay VAT. For Businesses with dealings outside of the UK, in the EU or further afield, complex regulations can even necessitate registering for VAT in certain EEC member states. The ever-widening scope, constant stream of detailed changes to the regulations, and the growing demands of the HMRC™, VAT calls for a trained, professional eye. We ensure that you do not lose your way in this labrynth of regulations, and either pay the exact amount that you need to or recover the VAT due back to you as soon as possible.

Cost-Effective Services

Thanks to our efficient VAT planning services, we’re able to lend a hand in assisting you with your returns. Apart from ensuring compliance with all relevant VAT regularions, our services include:

• VAT Registrations
• VAT Administration Advice
• VAT Control and Reconciliation 
• Minimising Problems with HMRC™ 
• Negotiating with HMRC™
• Representing You in Tribunals 
• VAT Health Checks 
• Creating Annual Reports

The Various Schemes

With countless schemes and regulations, it is difficult to understand which ones apply to you and your business. At Blueband Accountancy Bromley, our qualified team help you to understand how tax works. Working on a case by case basis, we make sure that you’re using the most beneficial scheme. We’ll also work with you to decide whether an accrual basis, cash basis or standard accounting would be most appropriate and would best suit your bookkeeping style.

Arranging A Consultation

Schedule a free, initial consultation with one of our friendly and experienced accountants, to discuss your business. If you aren’t registered for VAT, we can also help you to identify whether or not it would be beneficial to have your company VAT registered.

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